Thailand 4.0

Department of Local Administration, a Thai government department which is responsible for supporting, facilitating, and strengthening the works of local administrative organizations in providing public services, has prescribed the description of "strong local administrative organization" as follows:
1) Self-Reliant
Local administrative organizations can be self-reliant in every way, including finance and management system, which will improve the quality of local administrative organizations in providing public services regarding the principles of local governance.
2) Effective Implementation of the Plans
Local administrative organizations can implement local development plan as a major tool in local administration to effectively, connectively develop the local areas as well as to be responsive to the people's requirements, local plans, and provincial/provincial cluster development plans, which will lead to the unity of area-based administration and fulfill important national strategies.
3) Good Governance
Local administrative organizations can manage themselves according with the principles of good governance and transparency to become reliable organizations in public's perspectives.

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